He alone can keep the Mosques of Allāh in a good and flourishing condition who believes in Allāh, and the Last Day, and observes Prayer, and pays the Zakāt, and fears none but Allāh; so these it is who may be among those who reach the goal. (9:18)


Hazrat Uthmān bin Affānra states that I heard the Holy Prophetsa say, “Whosoever builds a mosque for Allāh, Allāh builds the like of it (a house) for him in paradise.” (Saḥīḥ Muslim, qtd. in Hadīqatus-Sāliḥīn, pp. 305-306)



So Said The Promised Messiahas

At this moment, our Jamā‘at needs a lot of mosques. Mosque is a House of Allāh. If you want Islām to progress, build a mosque. It should be well understood that a town or city in which a mosque has been built has, in fact, laid the foundation of the progress of Jamā‘at. If a town or city has few or no Muslims, build a mosque in order to effect the progess of Islām; God shall, then, Himself attract Muslims there. However, the condition is that you are sincere in the building of this mosque; it is built for the sake of God, and not for personal interests or evil designs. Then, God shall grant blessings . . .

Therefore, the Jamā‘at must have its own mosque with it’s own Imām who advises. Members of the Jamā‘at should make it a practice to collectively offer prayers in the mosques. There are great blessings in congregation and unity. Being scattered only creates disunity. At this time, unity and mutual understanding should be highly encouraged, and trivial matters which result in disarray, should be overlooked. (Malfūzāt Vol 4, p. 93)